Bridging cross-cultural communications, France launches Arabic Website

The Arabic language domain was developed for all Arabic speaking travelers who can now benefit from the localized website, providing relevant content to help prepare for a great trip.
The new Arabic website: is designed to inspire visitors and create the immediate desire to travel and enjoy experiences across France and its territories.
Lebanon, January 24th 2019 – Atout France, the national French tourism development agency, is proud to present the official dedicated Arabic website for France as a destination.
In 2017, 167 000 Lebanese tourists visited France. “France is one of the favourite destination for Lebanese. The proximity between our two countries and our close historical and cultural ties foster the Lebanese travellers to visit France” precised Mr. Bruno Foucher, Ambassador of France in Lebanon.
With the goal of welcoming 100 million tourists to France by 2020, the Arabic version of the website has been developed to increase interest and footfall from the region.
“ is an ambitious project set to become our digital reference and an influencing tool across the world. It is a media that will continually highlight events, original happenings that bring the destination to life, inviting visitors to keep discovering our country” announced Mr Karim Mekachera, Regional Director of Atout France Middle-East. is fully adapted with the traveler from the Middle East in mind. The content created takes into consideration cultural nuances and traditions. Social Media platforms are now also available in Arabic to inspire and encourage followers to share their experiences. User-friendly and optimized for mobile consumption, the new website contains content and information on tourism in France, hotels, restaurants, things to do, culture and heritage, events and museums.
“Digital innovation is at the heart of our marketing initiatives and we have placed a significant focus on content creation, curation and distribution of the content on France in a number of languages to remain truly connected to people around the world. The website’s aim is to boost France’s appeal as a touristic destination, improving its ranking as a top travel destination for the Arab traveler,” explained Karim Mekachera, Regional Director of Atout France in the Middle East.
Key features of the website include:

  1. Before you Set off or خطط لسفرك : A section entirely dedicated to travel information including customs and visa, transportation, accommodation, geography, climate and many more practical pieces of information.
  2. Things to do الأنشطة : Viewers of the site can learn about the outstanding cultural attractions accessible for visits, such as taking hikes amongst the peaks, romantic tours, or family cruises.
  3. Places to go الوجهات : The section of the site creates awareness of the vast numbers of locatios that can be visited, including the Alpes-Mont Blanc to Normandy, Provence to the Loire Valley, and from Paris to Tahiti. The site has information on more than 30 destinations that are ready to be discovered.
  4. Happening now in France الآن في فرنسا : A page dedicating to sharing news on festivals, exhibitions, concerts and major events, everywhere in France, showcases how there’s always something going on in the country. This page is great for visitors to check on activities and schedule them during their trip.
  5. An interactive map: The website now includes an interactive map element that is fully responsive to give a rich experience across the platform.
    “We are pleased to offer a local language domain for all Arabic speaking travelers who can now benefit from a localized platform providing more relevant content to help them prepare for a great trip,” Mekachera added.
    To further enhance user experience, the developers of the website will be gathering and studying consumer feedback to continuously improve and update the website. Updates will also be released
    including new content specific to the market including shopping, halal food, luxury accommodation and more.

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