NOURA celebrates its milestone 70th anniversary

NOURA celebrates its milestone 70th anniversary

The pioneer catering, pastry and chocolate brand, NOURA,celebrated seven decades of exquisite craftsmanship during a cocktail reception held in their new flagship store in Beirut Central District, on Thursday, November 15th 2018. Owners Julien and Pierre Khabbaz received more than 800 VIP guests who came to view the brand’s new look and uplifted brand identity. The boutique’s innovative design combines age-old tradition and modern-day novelty, via tones of wood and copper. Designed by Marine Bustros, the boutique is a chic, inviting space that displays chocolates and pastries in a unique way. The new concept will be applied in the existing stores in Beirut and all future new branches opening as of next year.
Noura welcomed pastry and chocolate enthusiasts in an animated ambiance to enjoy a moment of bliss with its signature sweets range and latest creations, where tradition and imagination artfullycome together. The luxury brand was also able to showcase its extensive savory selection, available within its catering division.
The retail space includes pastry, chocolates, bakery, ice cream, customized cakes and a selection of gift ideas.
“We are proud of Noura’s continued success on its 70th anniversary, and humbled by the love people from all ages have expressed for the brand; it will surely be an exciting journey ahead as we guide Noura’s development for the next decades”, said Julien Khabbaz, Noura’s CEO.

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