Socodile Holding completed 40 glorious years!

Socodile Holding, a leading distributor of luxury goods operating in the Levant and Africa, celebrated its 40-year anniversary on November 27th, 2017 by organizing a gala dinner at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. The event hosted exclusively the company’s employees as they are believed to be its main assets or “Socodile’s family” as stated by Mr. Nabil Fawaz, the Holding’s CEO. The four core values of consistency, efficiency, adaptability and integrity were highlighted as they played a fundamental role in giving Socodile the ability not only to survive but to thrive in unstable markets (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria) and overcome numerous challenges throughout.

Various team members who have been with the company for decades were honored for their loyalty, hard work and dedication.

The company has conquered past victories and is determined to embrace all future possibilities.

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