COR Medicine Clinic opening

COR Medicine Clinic opening

COR Medicine celebrated the opening of their first clinic of Regenerative Medicine in Beirut with the presence of celebrities, media and Public Figures. Dr. Nada Alaeddine (Medical and Scientific Consultant) and Mr. Albert Haddad, the partners, welcomed the invitees who discovered the different sections and medical techniques after a media tour and enjoyed the healthy cocktail and delicious cake prepared especially for this occasion by Simply Divine owned by Nivine Abdul Maguid Bibi, and chosen by Hassan Bibi (Healthcare Expert and Executive in the Healthcare world). COR Medicine is the only clinic dealing with Autologous therapies combined with innovative medical techniques with one goal to create a healthier younger person.
Whether for physical beauty or internal medical issues, the doctors and scientists from different specialties, treat various medical conditions like: arthritis, sports injuries, sexual problems, vaginal rejuvenation, chronic fatigue syndrome diabetes, bromyalgia, cancer, skin lesions, pelvic pain, infertility and many other conditions. COR Medicine’s aim is to lead people to live a happier, healthier life and use exclusively MEDIcell, Stemotherapy and Biologic Activators (active PRP), to treat people, cure them and offer them the look and life they deserve. COR Medicine provides you with the latest medically proven professionally supervised treatments under GMP certified facilities.
The doctors and scientists from different specialties available at COR Medicine Clinic are: Dr. Mohamad Khayat (ENT / Head and Neck Surgeon), Dr. Hussein Bou Khalil (Plastic Surgeon), Dr. Najib Saliba (Facial Plastic Surgeon), Dr. Sami Cherry ( Invasive Consultant Cardiologist), Dr. Mahmoud Kreide (American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry), Dr. Issam Chehade (Onco-hematologist), Dr. Abbas Khadra (Urologist / Andrologist / Sexologist), Dr. Mona Khadra (Obstetrician / Gynecologist), Dr. Yasmine Nehme (OBGYN / Sexual Health), Dr. Wael Atrouni (Orthopedist / Sport Injuries Specialist), Dr. Roy Eid (Orthopedist), Dr. Rita Harb (Physiotherapist Kinesitherapist).

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